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五珍膳-能量宝 The O5 Elements Energy Cereal


The O5 Elements (Oriental Five Elements) have unlocked the secret of the five element diet for you. The O5 Elements Energy Cereal is composed of Black colored natural food sources blended through carefully calculated low-cal formula. Not only does it provide you with abundant daily nutrition, it also leaves you satisfied and delicious in taste. Moreover, oats and dietary fiber are added to facilitate the functioning of your digestive system. Give O5E a try, a lively life awaits you today!


Ingredients: Black beans, Black Sesame , Black rice, Black fungus, Sorghum, Lotus seed, Job’s tears, Rolled oats, Soy Milk powder, Green grams, Pea, Inulin, Soy protein, Thickener-Guar gum(E412), Sweetener- Erythritol(E698), Sucralose.

Allergy Advice: Contains Gluten (Oat, Wheat) Soybeans and may contain traces of Milk Products.


Direction of use: Empty 1 sachet into a cup. add 180c.c. Hot water and stir

 Shelf Life:18 Months

NET WEIGHT180g(30gx6packs)

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