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Our Vision
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  Core Values:

  1. Innovation: innovate to stay ahead.
  2. Responsibility: all levels of organization have distinct responsibilities.
  3. Empathy: connect with others to sustain the business. 


Guided by the principles of innovation, responsibility and empathy, the company practices continual innovation, upholding of good faith, adherence to quality and provision of good service. We continue to develop a unique taste for our products and set strict requirements that the products must be healthy, delicious and easy to use, giving our customers the best choice.

    We seek out good raw materials and manufacture products with a reasonable profit, combined with constant quality improvement and development. We firmly believe that only through taking good care of the end users’ feelings can we open the sales door to them and have a sustainable business. SignWin has always emphasized research and development. It not only supplies products with a unique taste, but also accepts suggestions and challenges in order to perfect its service to meet customers’ needs.

   In upholding the core values of "innovation, accountability and empathy", SignWin is actively committed to training its production personnel, upgrading its production techniques and the continual standardization and rationalization of its management system. Through streamlining operating procedures, improving product quality and maintaining health and safety standards, we let our customers in the highly competitive food market establish their trust and satisfaction in SignWin.



Our Vision:

   Beini premix powder series and  Coviger sugar free nutrition food series ,  the SignWin products that have been sold in bakery ingredients shops, restaurants, retailers and supermarkets in the country, have been well received. Looking ahead and with the above core values, we will persevere with our efforts to expand to international market. With the successful experience gained in this country, we will gradually expand our business to other countries, so that people all over the world can have access to a healthy and safe life style. "win-win-win" is the ultimate goal we strive to achieve.

International Certification:

In order to improve product quality and to enable consumers to purchase our products with peace of mind, SignWin has obtained international certification. In March 2011, our products were certified by VC, followed by UKS of the United Kingdom and RVA of the Netherlands. In April 2011, we obtained the ISO22000 and HACCP certification.



                           BEINI                                   Nutrition/ Supplementary food